About Me

Motto: 人生那麼長真的要講究。而不是選擇將就,退而求其次的過活。

Chieh Tsai


Research fields

Professional techniques

  • Program languages: Python, PySpark, Git, R, MatLab, Fortran, SQL (& PostgreSQL), Shell-script, Hexo (& HTML)
  • Experience
    • Python
      • Function (i.e., def) method, OOP (e.g., Class), Bisection search, Regular/ Generator expression, etc.
      • Tensorflow, Keras (Familiar with building models. For instance, Use the Functional API to build the ResNets architecture models of different layers), Scikitlearn, and other Open-Source libraries.
      • Web-scraping (Get, Request, Post, Beautiful Soup, Selenium, etc.), For example, automatically fill in the questionnaire star survey, WeChat bot
      • Use PySpark (with Hadoop) to process big data. (the methods including Lambda, Reduce, Map, Filter, and so on.)
    • Matlab
      • More particular parts is using such as term frequency–inverse document frequency (tf-idf), Principal Components Analysis (PCA).
    • R
      • The packages are related to machine learning (ex. gmb, randomForest, kmeans, hclust.)
    • Using Latex, writing pseudo code, using Git and Github, server management and maintenance on Linux.
    • Data analysis for over three years
    • Computing physical properties of materials by CASTEP on the Materials Studio and linux for over three years.
    • Writing automatical script by Shell.


  • Aqua fans (Experience: aquatic garden, Neocaridina denticulate sinensis, Cambarellus, aquarium fish, etc.)
  • Photography (without portrait photography), such as taking pictures which focus on nature landscape photography and adjusting. Furthermore, the highest challenge is using app to retouch photos.
  • Motorcycle and Scooter.
  • Music.

Photographic Gear List: FUJIFILM X-T20, 18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS
Stooter Relevant Gear List: G6, SHOEI Z-7 DIGI ANT MARQUEZ, ALPINESTARS SP-X AIR CARBON & apex drystar GLOVE , OGIO MACH 5


  • Make a business card
  • Participate in Andrea Bocelli Concert
  • Let the shrimp hatch, then grow up
  • Go to Goodwood and Silverstone to attend the DRIVING EXPERIENCES.


  • Webcast anchor: 周二珂
  • MV: 可惜沒如果
  • Novelist: 藤井樹(吳子雲)