【Diary#6】Experience the Indian Local Food

Date: 24 May 2019.

This is my recording that my indian friends brought me to eat the most famous Indian local food, Masala dosa.
I was quite excited for this experience because I never tried the Indian local food before.
We took a train to go to a local Indian restaurant at neighbor town.

The restaurant name is Honey Moon South Indian Cuisine.

honey moon

This is the indoor look.
indoor view

They are my Indian friends. 😆😆😆

I ordered the food what they highly recommended me. They told me masala dosa is a quite local famous Indian food, and we came here to eat it becuase this restaurant can make a normal size of food. (Although our university has Indian restaurants, they sold the dosa which is samll size.)


See!!! It is quite big!!!!!
OMG! 🤤
There is curry with Masala dosa, so the taste is very good!!

Show one picuture what I finished it!


They provided three kinds of sauces for each person.

But the most important thing is that the food of this restaurant is not expensive. (For me, I think it is cheap.)
We totally have 5 people. I think that it is a normal price.

This time is an amazing experience for me. 😁

It is a quite short record.